Goliath Property Solutions are not financial planners or financial advisors. We are not accountants or investment advisors.

We market unique property opportunities and put buyers in touch with sellers. We connect people selling properties with people buying properties. We are offered and source hundreds of property deals on an annual basis and select the ones that are most attractive and tell you about them.

It is up to the buyer to carry out their own due diligence on each individual property. We cannot inspect every individual property and do all of the background checks on them. It is up to the buyer to do all background checks on the property including condition, debts, taxes, service charges and legal status. It is up to the buyer and seller on any deal to carry out their own due diligence and make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not.
Goliath Property Solutions do not and cannot offer any guarantee that your choice of property deal or product will be a successful one or not. We can give you our opinion on what we think from our experience and the rest is up to you to make your own decision.

Goliath Property Solutions are not responsible for any property deals that you buy which do not live up to your expectations, remember it is up to you what you choose to buy and you should always do your due diligence on a property deal.

Goliath Property Solutions will offer no refunds on deals that do not work for you. The only time we will offer a refund on anything you have paid to ourselves as an agency fee, finder’s fee or commission is when a seller has pulled out of the deal before signing of the contracts and it cannot therefore proceed.

It is important to note however that if your due diligence on a property exceeds 21 days the vendor may not proceed due to uncertainty on your part and ongoing delays, fees in this case will be non refundable.

Important Notice

No description or information given on any documents attached to this website or email communication from Goliath Property Solutions about any properties or their values, whether written or verbal or whether or not particulars (“information”), may be relied upon as statement of representation or fact. We advise that all our clients take their own financial advice and we insist that clients conduct their own due diligence.

We strongly advise viewing before putting any money down. Reservation fees, agency fees, finder’s fees are non refundable but may be transferred to another property. Reservation fees, agency fees, finder’s fees will only be refundable if a seller cancels the transaction before signing of the legal contracts.

As with any property transaction there are elements of risks involved and you are advised to consult your property lawyer / solicitor to make sure you are comfortable before you proceed. We hope this makes everything clear from the outset.

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