Goliath Property Solutions was born out of the need for landlords to find an alternative solution to the ‘normal’ lettings and management agencies found on every high street up and down the UK.

Can you relate to any of the following common landlord issues?

⬩  Troublesome tenants
  Late rental payments
⬩  Ever increasing and unexpected maintenance costs
⬩  Inefficient tradesmen
  Unreasonable service charges

guaranteedrentWe’ll assume you invested in a rental property on the ‘promise’ of short AND long term passive income either to enjoy now, in your retirement or leave a legacy for your family.

Dealing with consistent and costly maintenance issues and void periods merely serves to increase your stress levels and eat into your free time and bank balance.

There’s an easier way…

At Goliath Property Solutions we GUARANTEE your rental income for at least 5 years leaving you to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a truly passive armchair property investment.

Here’s why you’ll love working with us:

⬩  We guarantee your rental income for up to 5 years
  You’ll eliminate those ever increasing rental void periods and achieve a consistent and predictable income from your investment
  No more tenant headaches at inopportune moments, leaving you to enjoy more free uninterrupted time  – with friends and family
  Get your property portfolio to work for you, paying you a consistent and hassle free income on your investment
  Regain your property passion and even consider investing to grow your portfolio.

Click here to find out exactly how the Goliath Property Solutions Guaranteed Rent Service works.

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