Guaranteed Rent For Landlords

Troublesome Tenants, Late Rental Payments and Unexpected Costs Isn’t Fun. Guaranteed Rent For 5 Years Is.


Landlord property investors have many reasons for wanting to work with us. Which of these appeals most to you?

To have a consistent and predictable income in retirement

To have a monthly side income with minimal fuss and hassle

To leave a property legacy for your loved ones

To make your money work harder for you

With an ever shifting, changing and unpredictable economy the pressures on landlords to get the very best returns from their property investment is set to get tougher in the years ahead.


If you invested in property on the promise of an armchair investment giving you a passive income while enjoying the finer things in life the reality might not look quite so rosy.


Dealing with ever increasing costly maintenance issues, difficult tenants, inefficient letting agents and long void periods merely serves to raise your stress levels, eat into your free time and hurt your bank balance.


There is another way.


Discover how Goliath Property Solutions can guarantee your rental income for up to 5 years and ensure a predictable and consistent income from your property investment.


Click here to discover how.


Goliath Property Solutions was born out of the need for landlords to find an alternative solution to the ‘normal’ lettings and management agencies found on every high street up and down the UK.


If you’re fed up with troublesome tenants, late rental payments, ever increasing and unexpected maintenance costs, inefficient tradesmen and unreasonable service charges we can help.


At Goliath Property Solutions we GUARANTEE your rental income for at least 5 years leaving you to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a truly passive armchair property investment.


Click here to find out exactly how the Goliath Property Solutions Guaranteed Rent Service works


  • I have a number of properties which I bought for investment 8 years ago which are still not worth what I paid for them. As I am looking to retire and move overseas I didn’t really know what options were available. I spoke with Mark who offered fantastic advice and the headache has now been taken away completely

    J Drummond
    J Drummond Landlord
  • I linked up with Mark after a need to make the most out of a rental property that was causing me more difficulties than it was worth….In a friendly and professional way he demonstrated really strong communication skills and consequently provided me with an ideal solution to what had been becoming a headache – I can’t thank him enough!

    A Blanc, Leeds
    A Blanc, Leeds Landlord
  • We were struggling to sell our home and we needed to move due to work commitments. We spoke with Mark from Goliath who listened to our circumstances and found the perfect solution that allowed us to move without having to worry about our house in Cardiff. Thank you so much.

    J Bennet, Cardiff
    J Bennet, Cardiff Homeowner


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