– Are you fed up with the ongoing headache of managing your rental portfolio?
– Do you struggle with voids every year?
– Are maintenance costs starting to increase month on month?
– Want to retire but not quite ready to sell up just yet?
– Getting tired of all the new regulations and legislation being introduced into the private rented sector?

We have a lot of experience in lettings and property management and have set up a specialist service to help those landlords who may just be getting a little fed up of tenant management.

Our solution gives Landlords a fixed guaranteed monthly income 12 months a year for up to 5 years at a time. We will pay for all reactive maintenance during the agreement and we’ll even refurbish property where required. Voids, arrears, tenant damage will become our problem leaving you to get on with your plans whilst still receiving a regular monthly income.

If you’re interested in a stress free, no hassle, guaranteed monthly income then get in touch today to see if you’re property qualifies for our service.

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